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DANCE SO YOU THINK YOU CAN is a discussion project created by choreographer Matthias Sperling in 2013, taking place in public spaces and online. Here’s what he invites you to respond to, in any way you like, via the project’s Facebook page:

"Dance can be anything we want it to be - so what do we want it to be and why does it matter? Dance embodies how we choose to relate to ourselves and to each other, so I say that when we limit dance, we limit ourselves. TV shows like Strictly and So You Think You Can Dance play a part in shaping our ideas of what dance is - this project invites you to expand your own dance-shaped ideas to include any activity that un-limits us. What if dance is any activity that makes you feel ready for anything? I warmly invite you to join this space for discussion about what that means to you. What's your DANCE SO YOU THINK YOU CAN?" — Matthias Sperling

Your comments are welcome on the Facebook page any time. Scroll down to see photos and join discussion topics from previous ‘seasons’: SEASON 1 was hosted by Nottdance Festival in Nottingham, UK, from March 7-17, 2013. SEASON 2 was hosted by SO Festival, Skegness, UK from July 6-7, 2013. SEASON 3 was hosted by Lincoln Dances Festival in Lincoln, UK on July 20, 2013. SEASON 4 was hosted by the Centre for Advanced Training at The Place, London, UK, from July 29 - August 3, 2013.

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If you're not on Facebook and want to participate, contact us: mail at dancesoyouthinkyoucan.com

Find out more about Matthias Sperling: www.matthias-sperling.com

Dance So You Think You Can is produced by Matthias Sperling with support from Dance4 and Arts Council England. Thanks also to Nottingham Express Transit and Shirtysomething.com for their support.